Blackbird Bakery, West Norwood

On a mission to purchase a property we found ourselves on a freezing Saturday morning on West Norwood high street. Cold and in need of food and drink before we embraced (ahem) the company of an estate agent, we considered our options (probably a supermarket) before we stumbled upon the Blackbird Bakery.

Opened just over a year ago and being a few minutes walk from the station we dare say it makes an ideal breakfast fix before enduring a Southern train journey. There are a couple of tables in the corner but on a busy occasion it could get a little cramped. Now for some yummy pictures of bread and pastries…




Featuring more classic breads and pastries than anything with a twist, we reckon it’s a great place to get your old favourites at the weekend. Prices are very reasonable for pastries; you’ll get small change from a fiver for a takeaway coffee and a couple of croissants. Plus the quality is there; the giant pastries aren’t just full of hot hair. Nom indeed.

Blackbird Bakery, 1 Beadman Street, SE27 0DN

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