About South London Life

South London Life kinda does what it says on the tin. We’re a bit bored of hearing about how great North London is and want to find out just what makes living south of the river so great too. This blog covers food, drink, music, fashion, fitness, art… in fact, anything that makes life outside work fun.

We’ve lived in south London for nearly 10 years. This blog was created to discover and share both new and old places, events and things to do. Basically, stuff you want to spend money on when you’re not working.

All reviews are written entirely subjectively. We pay our own way when reviewing.

Like what you see? Get in touch. Want to chat about a place in the south west you like? Do it. Get in touch.

Email: swishjunction@gmail.com

Tweet: @swishjunction

P.S. – All original content is copyright SwishJunction 2011-2015. No words or images may be reproduced without prior permission from the copyright holder. Most of the images on this blog have been shot by me. If I use alternate sources for photography or illustration, I always try to credit where the original source is known. If I have failed to credit correctly or someone wishes for an image to be removed from this blog, I will glady comply.

Thoughts please!

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