Review: Tapas at The Lounge Bar, Balham

In a town where so much has changed over the past few years, there are some establishments that stand the test of time. The Lounge in Balham will be celebrating 13 years this year – no mean feat.

Tapas selection at the lounge bar balham

Pictured: chorizo in red wine sauce, scallops, cod croquets, patatas bravas, the remainder of a dish of olives…

It’s consistently popular with the locals though, and if you haven’t been before, make an effort to go – you won’t be disappointed. Don’t let the simplistic decor fool you; behind these doors is a vast menu of delicious tapas dishes masterminded by an incredibly hardworking husband and wife team.

Spicy garlic prawns - mind the eye-watering chillis...

Spicy garlic prawns – mind the eye-watering chillis…

Most items on the menu are what you’d get in every tapas restaurant but what makes The Lounge so unique is that they take a simple dish and, well, pimp it up. The classic Patatas Bravas dish isn’t just chips and ketchup, it’s crispy chunks of potato in a spicy tomato sauce that we’ve never been able to replicate at home. It’s the same with their meat dishes – when you order the meatballs and chorizo, be sure to order a side of ciabatta to dunk into the rich sauce. #yum.

A side of bread to dunk is a must with these meatballs

A side of bread to dunk is a must with these meatballs

The restaurant fills up fast at the weekends so we’ve been taking to getting our fix during the weekday (except Mondays, when it’s closed) when we’re more likely to get a table immediately.

5-6 dishes between two of you is more than enough. Throw in a couple of drinks and the bill is typically around £40.

If you fancy finding out more about their menu we reviewed the Lounge Bar three years ago, here.

Thoughts please!

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