Le Tour de France, Streatham

Le Tour de France shop sign, Streatham

Le Tour de France shop front, Streatham

Excuse us for using a phrase that’s been done to death but this literally is a hidden gem, a couple of streets away from Leigham Court Road and Valley Road.

bread and pastries at Le Tour de France Streatham

Bread and pastries are baked on site

Supermarkets offering a wider selection of cuisine and the spike in internet food shops mean places like this are losing some relevance but we find delicatessens and local shops great to browse in. No shelf is the same and the individuality is what makes local towns so great.


Anyway, soapbox moment aside, Le Tour de France specialises in – you guessed it – French food and drink, with a nod to Belgian delicacies too; they stock Rochefort Belgian beer, little found in London town.

Trappistes rochforte stocked at le tour de france streatham

Find Belgian beer on the shelves in this French cafe


All their pastries are proved and baked on site every day, and they also stock a decent variety of meats, cheese and tarts on counter too. As a nod to changing dietary requirements you’ll find dairy-free and vegan cake options on offer.

Their shelves are a multicolour of tins, bottles and packets of classic French food.



The nicest touch for us was the artwork adorning the walls throughout the place – French, of course.


We stayed for breakfast but we’ll be back to stock up the essentials (cheese and wine, ahem).

Croissant, Cappucino, apple and cinnamon tea and a pain au raisin

Croissant, Cappucino, apple and cinnamon tea and a pain au raisin

Le Tour de France, 135 Sunnyhill Road, SW16 2UW.


Thoughts please!

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