Flowers: Sherree Francis, Streatham

Always a delight to receive flowers, especially when they’re this beautiful.

(Shame the reason was illness but what can you do). The purchaser of these gorgeous blooms reported that the florist at Sherree Francis was very helpful. We wouldn’t know the price, it’s rude to ask, but we’re guessing it’s not on the cheap side.  Several days on, the flowers are still thriving – we love the dusky, delicate colours. It’s a right pain when we have to take them out of their cellophane… Upon looking at their website we note they also deliver champagne and food hampers – now that is a weekly delivery we’d like every Friday…

In fact, SwishJunction found itself in a ‘first world problem’ situation this week as we have just one wide vase but two bouquets of flowers delivered (told you). However nowhere in Streatham seemed to sell a simple, wide vase. We lacked the energy to pursue it further… if anyone knows of a shop that sells home furnishings like this we’d love to know about it.

Thoughts please!

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