Camden Coffee House comes to Balham

That little spot next to the tube where Balham Blooms used to be? We’re getting a new neighbour. Camden Coffee House is coming to town, if a little late of schedule; after a little delay (gotta love those builders) the lovely Sunni is flinging open the doors around 5th October, with a grand opening on Saturday 8th October. These sneaky preview pics show that the place is ever-so-nearly there and if like us you walk past it every day, you’ve seen the speedy rate that it’s developed in the past couple of weeks.

If you have time on the Saturday, pop along and take advantage of the free espressos, £1 lattes and flat whites (as well as other delightful coffee options), and free cake with every drink purchase. Nom indeed. As with their Camden and Croydon outlets, there’ll be a continuing loyalty scheme where after five drinks, you’ll get your sixth free. We’ll drink to that.

Camden Coffee House, 208 Balham High Road, SW12 9BS

Thoughts please!

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