West Norwood Food Week: 13th – 21st June


So this is pretty exciting. The brains behind West Norwood FEAST (who we’ve raved about here) have come up with a whole week’s worth of foodie events aimed at pretty much everyone (well, except for those who don’t like food. But never mind those sorts.)

The week appears to be aimed at making the most of both the independent locations the town has to offer, and the sheer variety of food it boasts now too. The weekends are family orientated, while the weeknights have most international cuisines covered. If anything it’s a great opportunity to try out a new place in the area. The list is as follows:

13th June – A Taste of Victorian History – Foodie Cemetery Tour in West Norwood

14th June – Remember your childhood with a free family picnic

15th June – Share a Bangladeshi Family Feast at Lal Baag

16th June – A British Celebration Supper at the Tulse Hill Hotel (check out our views on their menu if you need any further convincing)

17th June – Summer Sharing Feast under the Stars at The Great North Wood (check out our thoughts on their brunch and dinner offerings)

18th June – Share an Italian Summer Dinner at The Garden Gastro Bar

19th June – A DIY DJ evening, with local craft beers and paella at the Book and Record Bar

20th June – A Summer Afternoon of Art in the Park and Picnicking in Norwood Park

21st June – A Taste of the Caribbean – A Midsummer Evening at the Portico Gallery

You can book your place via Grub Club (we used this facility to book our visit to PaoCha and it’s worth bookmarking for unique pop ups in the capital). If you’re interested in the British Celebration Supper, email eat@tulsehillhotel.com.

We’ve got our eating trousers on and ready…

Food at the Tulse Hill Hotel

Tulse Hill Hotel We’ve been frequenting this pub ever since it reopened following new management last year (it wasn’t our kinda place pre-refurb) but haven’t got ourselves together to stay for lunch or dinner.

Tulse Hill Hotel pub garden

A recent sunny Bank Holiday saw us in their garden which, apart from the occasional screaming siren, was a beautiful sun trap.


We’ve spent enough time in the pub eyeing up other people’s food to know they mean business when it comes to grub. We went for one of their sharing plates – they do pork, lamb, beef and the trimmings on a platter but we went for monkfish, which we later found out was put on the menu on a whim and was the envy of all the staff serving us at the time.

The monkfish sharing platter. Want. Again.

The monkfish sharing platter. Want. Again.

For the record, it was delicious. We didn’t need the side dish of buttered cabbage but we ate it up anyway (hey, it’s good for you, sort of).

Honey cake with orange ice cream and lavender. Too pretty to eat, but we did.

Honey cake with orange ice cream and lavender. Too pretty to eat, but we did.

The staff are so friendly here and the food pretty faultless – it’s the type of place you’d feel more than comfortable taking your parents (even the fussiest ones) knowing they’d enjoy themselves.

Tulse Hill Hotel, 150 Norwood Road, SE24 9AY

Brunch at The Great North Wood, West Norwood

We’ve already had dinner here on a number of occasions and it’s just recently that the Great North Wood have extended their opening hours to offer a brunch option at the weekend.


If you’re looking for super healthy, you might struggle. If you’re looking for hearty, you’ve hit the right spot. It’s basically gastro brekkie. For die-hard caffeine fans you’ll be pleased to hear hot drinks are served in huge cups, while healthier smoothies are on offer, too.

green smoothie for brunch at the great north wood west norwood

Probably the healthiest thing to be served in a dimple glass

The menu is quite traditional brunch fare, but more imaginative than your typical greasy spoon. We tried the avocado on toast (complete with egg and chorizo – which can be substituted for salmon), French toast and a dish comprising of baked eggs, bacon and ‘Boston’ beans – smokey, rich, saucy.

Avocado, egg and chorizo on toast

Avocado, egg and chorizo on toast

Prices range between about £6-9 – add drinks and you’re probably paying up to £15 per person.

French toast featuring bread the size of a doorstopper

French toast featuring bread the size of a doorstopper

While the pub fills up during the day, only two other tables were occupied while we were there, so it’s worth chancing your arm and making a spontaneous visit, especially when it gets warm enough to eat outside.

tea and brunch at the great north wood, west norwood

Baked eggs with bacon and beans. Bigger than it looks

One of the nicest things about brunch here is the pace – there’s no hustle and bustle like in cafes, no rush to clear your table, and there’s newspapers to hand too. It’s all too dangerous to watch brunch turn into afternoon drinks…

The Great North Wood, 3 Knights Hill, West Norwood SE27 0HS

The King & Co Clapham kitchen residency – Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

The King & Co, Clapham

While pub food has certainly become more extravagant than before (pulled pork served with everything, most likely on a wooden slab instead of a humble plate), the King & Co have turned the age old tradition of ‘pub grub’ on its head by offering a changing menu every two months. We love this idea – there will always be something new to try and a platform for up and coming chefs who might not otherwise get such an opportunity. The only downside, we guess, would be that if you find yourself fond of a particular dish you’d need to savour it while it lasts!


Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen is the latest to set up home, cooking up African dishes from now until 31st May. The menu is short but sweet, comprising small tapas sized portions where the recommendation is about 2-3 plates per person.

The menu at the King & Co, Clapham

The menu at the King & Co, Clapham

There’s enough for veggies to get involved but the signature dishes really lie with the meat lovers. Our favourite was the mutton with satay sauce, and pork belly – generous cuts cooked for so long it just falls apart.

Pork belly with sweet plantain jus (closest to camera) and Zoe's signature peanut butter stew with mutton

Pork belly with sweet plantain jus (closest to camera) and Zoe’s signature peanut butter stew with mutton

Cassava croquettes and Red Red were among the vegetarian options Zoe's Ghana Kitchen Clapham

Cassava croquettes and Red Red were among the vegetarian options

Other hits were the mackerel (look past the minor food admin of small bones and you’ve got tender spicy fish) and ‘red red’, delicious black beans in a rich tomato sauce topped with parmesan.

Jollof chicken skewers

Jollof chicken skewers

The only disappointment was the lack of ‘Puff Puff Handmade Doughnuts’, because the kitchen weren’t able to make them properly the night we visited.

Mackerel fillets in chilli, lemon and garlic

Mackerel fillets in chilli, lemon and garlic

Still feeling hungry? Their Instagram page will get your stomach rumbling even more…

If you’ve not been to the King & Co before, there’s no sectioned-off restaurant area. Eating takes place in the heart of the pub and, with the tapas attitude of “you eat when it arrives at the table”, the whole vibe is very relaxed.

If south west London is a stretch, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen frequents Peckham Springs on a Friday night too. Result.

The King & Co, 100 Clapham Park Road, SW4 7BZ